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Dick Carlstedt 891-7722
Vice President Gibson Sims 601-953-6400  
Treasurer Pat Cleary 489-1421  
Secretary Jeremy Wilde 606-7851  
Director of Grounds & Maintenance Greg Plumb 595-9447  
Resident Representatives Justin Blythe


















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Beautification     Members  
Building Committee David Herman 595-9382 Members Building Committee Requirements
Get-Well Cards Geri Schwake 393-8782    
  Helping Hands Barbara Rogers 890-1483 Members  
Home Service List John Marcello 890-5930    
Ladies Lunch Bunch Janet Eustance 435-1253    
Gentlemen's Breakfast Group Bob Kalin  393-7413    
Newsletter     Editorial Committee  
Roadside Cleanup  Dick Carlstedt 891-7722    
Social Committee  Nancy McKelvey 891-4787    
Welcome Committee